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Looking for splendid, comfy and extravagant travel? Our Krishiv Limousine’s experienced chauffeurs pride themselves on being professional and friendly. Breaking your “myth” is expensive! You’ll be surprised to see how affordable hiring a chauffeur-driven car is compared to hiring multiple cabs for your commute. Request a quote from our team today!

Corporate operatives constantly need to travel; most of the time, these visits are to the city’s epicentre. Self-drive is not a formal choice for such meetings, as it would be full of hassle. That’s why hiring a Chauffeur driven car for corporate transportation is the smart choice.

Krishiv Limousine’s longstanding and dedicated client-centric approach means we understand well and deliver what passengers expect in an exclusive transport service.

No doubt, our loyal, experienced, and client-focused chauffeur service is the cornerstone of our success. Our ultimate priority is to provide a transport solution that is easy, comfortable, and direct for corporate clients. We provide the support they desire during their business expeditions.

Krishiv Limousine can proudly claim to be one of Brisbane’s top corporate car hire services, with a stable and outstanding customer base.

Your choice of commute defines the integrity and reputation of your business, and that’s why we at Krishiv Limousine strive to deliver you a streamlined, relaxing experience every time you choose us.

Why “Krishiv Limousine” Is The Best Choice To Hire Corporate Cars?



We deliver high standards of customer service. A high-quality fleet of executive cars maintains your choice’s highest standards, which adds to your style and professionalism.

We provide trusted and professional drivers who take pride in their appearance.



We usually have a bunch of work to complete but cannot complete things on time because of wasting most of our constructive time in traffic. Still, getting accompanied by our skilled chauffeurs, you will be driven through the shortest and best possible routes to reach your destination. 

Our verified Chauffeurs always keep track of the time, thus ensuring you don’t get late for any meeting. At Krishiv Limousine, we guarantee you will arrive right on time. We are committed to providing you with a great and comfortable ride.

safety and comfort

Safety And Comfort

Our chauffeurs are professionally-trained in advanced driving courses. They are also qualified to handle any crisis on the road. They come onboard only after several hours of driving assessment on busy roads. So, you can relax and enjoy your luxurious and comfy ride without any bumps.

Our services provide a dedicated premium car with a professional chauffeur to address all your requisites. They will be your travel guides for trips on strange roads as they explore every part of the city during their training. They can guide you to the famous places in the location you are travelling to.

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